David Kane

David Kane is the former Preceptor in Statistical Methods and Mathematics in the Department of Government at Harvard University.

Teaching Fellows

Anish Bellamkonda

Anish Bellamkonda is a rising senior at Metea Valley High School.

Vaangmaya Rebba

Vaangmaya Rebba is a rising senior who is interested in Data Science and Linguistics.

Luit Deka

Luit Deka is an incoming freshman at Carnegie Mellon University, PA in the School of Computer Science.

Adi Chaudhary

Adi Chaudhary is a junior at Carmel High School who is passionate about data science and cybersecurity.

Aadhira Satheesh

Aadhira Satheesh is a middle schooler attending Acera School, with interest in mathematics, computer science and health care.

Program Directors

Ethan Xiao

Ethan Xiao is a rising senior with interest in mathematics and statistics.

Monish Malla

Monish Malla is a junior at Metea Valley High School who is interested in computer science and cybersecurity.

Adhithan Manivassakam

Adhithan Manivassakam is a junior at Adlai E. Stevenson High School, with a keen interest in data science and applied mathematics.