Final Projects

A total of 105 students have completed the Course. Congratulations! Here are their Final Projects.

July 2023

Emmanuel Yeboah: Social and Economic Factors Endangering Vulnerable Languages. Improving agricultural opportunities in rural areas preserve vulnerable languages, but higher literacy rates and urbanization increase odds of language extinction by 20%.

Avery Zheng: Wimbledon 2023 Prediction. Alcaraz, Medvedev, and Djokovic have the highest chances of winning the Men’s draw, and Swiatek has the highest chance for Women’s.

Daniel Cho: European Soccer Wages. Payroll rank within league is associated with end-of-year standings; an increase in payroll rank leads to a 0.69 increase in standing ± 0.02.

Alan Tao: Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Over Time. Around 53,000 (+/- 2000) metric tons of carbon dioxide is going to be in the year 2025 and the average land temperature is going to be 20.6 C (+/- 0.6).

Vaangmaya Rebba: Annual Income Predictions for Universities in Pennsylvania. Over 90% of the graduates make less than 100k

Luit Deka: Education Expenditure on Urban and Rural Populations. Every 440 billion dollars spent on education correlates to about .1% urban population growth while every 350 billion dollars of educational expenditure correlates to about .08% rural population growth.

Rishvanth Amsaraj: Analysis of AP Exam Data. The findings emphasize the need for targeted efforts and interventions to support and empower minority groups, including females and black individuals, within the education system.

Aadhira Satheesh: The Probability of Contracting Alzheimers Based on Different Lifestyles and Conditions. There are various lifestyles that you would think increase/decrease the risk of alzheimers, and this project shows you what actually can raise the risk of developing Alzheimers

Ethan Xiao: The Effect of Engine Displacement on Fuel Economy. The highest displacement engine has 6.375x less fuel efficiency than the lowest displacement engine.

Rishi Sandrana: Trends in Global Education Rankings. A country’s average IQ and test scores are almost perfectly correlated (r = 0.92), but there is only a moderate correlation (r = 0.65) between either of these factors and a country’s education ranking.

Nicholas Grant: NFL Point Spread: 1978-2013. Overall, most NFL games are decided by double digits margin of victory, with a higher average margin of victory when the point spread exceeds 7 points.

Sririthvik Bellala: Outcomes of Infectious Diseases from 2001-2014. The total amount of people infected with E.Coli, HIV, and Malaria has decreased over time, reaching close to 0 for some years.

Pranav Chivukula: Chelsea’s Transfer Market and its Effect on Their Season. If you spend like Chelsea did in the transfer market, your season will suffer as a result.

Melissa Ban: Influence of Patients’ Initial Treatment Age on OrthoK Lenses Effect. The effect of OrthoK lenses in treating myopia is not affected by patients’ age when receiving initial treatment.

Vibha Dara: Diabetes Analysis. Females have 0.0046 times lower odds of having diabetes with a range from 0.002 to 0.010 compared to males.

Rajarshi Mandal: Market Value of Fortune 500 Companies from Economic Indicators. Companies in the Fortune 500 with 100,000 employees have an expected market value of $75 billion, plus/minus $8 billion.

Aryan Kancherla: Chicago Bulls 2023-2024 Field Goal Percentage Prediction. For the 2023-2024 NBA Season, the Chicago Bulls’ predicted average field goal percentage is 48.7%.

Pratham Kancherla: NBA 2023-24 Free Throw % Prediction at Each Position. Each position has a predicted FT% for the NBA 2023-24 season.

Gaurinath Subash: Player Salaries vs Field Position. On average, forwards tend to earn the most money, with an average salary of around $145,000, which is more than any other position on the field for players in the MLS League during 2007.

February 2023

Ava Ransbotham: Great British Bake Off Analysis. Age does not affect how far people make it in the competition.

Dermot Curtin: The Indo-European Similarities Project. European branches are generally similar to each other and dissimilar to Asian branches, even though they are not always more closely related.

Yash Dhore: Analysis of Advanced Placement. Rural states with lower populations tend to have a lower number of AP Scholar Awards per capita.

Venkat Tatituri: Top 10 Youtube Channels in Subscribers. These are the Top channels on Youtube! Lets see who wins the race to 10 billion

Matthew Ng: Coke Stocks. Coca Cola Stocks have a good trend line and it’s safe to say that soon, there may be a drop again but it will definitely rise back up in around 10-20 years.

Anish Bellamkonda: Impact of climate change on the world. Climate change is a complex and urgent global issue that requires collective action to mitigate its impacts and prevent further damage to the planet’s ecosystems and human societies.

Zayan Farooq: How Do Position and Age Correlate With Soccer Injuries? Position and age in the Premier League tend to affect the type of injuries that happen to players.

August 2022

Miriam Heiss: Classical vs Contemporary Music. Taylor Swift’s average Song length is almost 3 minutes more than J. S. Bach’s, disproving the point ‘Classical Music is too long’.

Maxwell Lu: Heart Disease: Risk Factors and Demographics. I found that men contract heart disease significantly more than women, American Indians/Alaskan Natives make up more percentage of those with heart disease than any other race.

Krish Saluja: Variables that Accurately Predict the Likelihood of a Stroke. Heart disease and hypertension are the most effective factors that help to accurately predict whether or not a person will suffer from a stroke.

Sam Yeh: Comparing Cryptopunk Data With Cryptopunk Attributes. The price of Cryptopunks vary based on many attributes, but collectors buy Cryptopunks that have favorable attributes, such as lighter skin color.

Elif Kuyuk: Factors that affect a Student’s Academic Performance. A higher range of scores were noted for students taking a standard lunch; female students were observed to have higher writing and reading scores.

Krish Badri: Growth of Small vs Large Market-Cap Stocks. The average small market cap stock in the S&P 500 is growing at a rate much faster than the average growth of high market cap stocks at the top of the S&P 500 Weighting List.

Rachel Heiss: These Prices are Defying Gravity: Broadway Trends 1985 - 2022. Today’s Broadway tickets cost much more than they did in the 80s, but more people are going to shows.

Dorothy Tang: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Emotions. A survey measured people’s feelings, on 7 different emotions, during the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.

Varun Khedkar: Intelligence Quotient and Potential Indicators of Success. Intelligence Quotient does not directly correspond with may be defined as success, however does hold a clear indirect impact on the key precursors to success.

Jihan Bhuiyan: An Analysis of Monkeypox Demographics. While it may appear that monkeypox only impacts gay and bisexual men, this doesn’t correspond with previous monkeypox outbreaks and is likely due to restrictions on testing set by governments.

Mann Talati: NCAA Women’s Volleyball Statistics. While several teams are able to attack the ball through their attack attempts there is a very low chance of the team achieving the kill due to a block or a dig leaving the ratio of a kill to attack attempt close to 1:4 or 25% chance of achieving a kill.

Selim Coskunuzer: Observing NFL players Average Salary by Category over the years 2014-2020. NFL players salary data over a few years to see if it has differed

June 2022

Varun Dommeti: Prevalent Emotions in Mainstream Music, by Decade. Exploration of emotions in the billboard top 100, sorted by decade.

Soham Gunturu: Mortality rate of babies under different variables. Relationship between mortality rate of children under 5 per 1,000 live births and year, country, and economic class.

Suvan Dommeti: Presence of Polarzing Words in Australian Media. Does Australian media excessively use the word “riot” over “protest” to convey a biased message?

Jackson Roe: March Madness: How to Pick a Perfect Bracket. Analysis of the trends in every March Madness bracket since the 1985 expansion to 64 teams.

Farhan Sadeek: Analysis of World Population. Life Index is proportional to the Per Capita GDP of a country.

Allison Bubar: Newton North High School Basketball Evaluation. The NNHS basketball teams success was determined by FG% and defensive success.

Alex Kuai: Microchip Market. Dramatic increase in microchip market demand in the Asia Pacific region

Ethan Hu: Breakdown of the S&P 500. Shows the basic trends that are seen in the top 500 public companies in the US.

Nathan Rothschild: Comparison of Three 33 y/o Professional Tennis Players’ Effectiveness. Professional players of the same age, career length, and similar career success had vastly different effectiveness trajectories during their career.

Shivangi Nadkar: COVID deaths by race and education level. Graphs that display COVID-19 deaths and are faceted by race and education level.

Henry Sippel: Fish Stocking Data in Lake Michigan by Species. Movement of fish stocking in Lake Michigan.

Pooja Kawatkar: Analysis of Superbowl Statistics. In 1990, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Denver Broncos by 45 points, the greatest point difference in Superbowl history

Samruddhi Naik: Wages by Gender and Occupation. The biggest wage gap is in the financial industry where men earn around $45,000 more than women do.

Awais Choudhary: Traffic Violations. What a driver should avoid on the road; an examination of traffic infraction records.

Sai Gottemukkula: An Exploration of COVID-19. Graphs that look at some under-explored information of the pandemic.

Akhilesh Sangaraju: Cars - CO2 Emissions and Efficiency. When buying an electric car, you can be confident that you are making the eco-friendly decision, and that it will statisfy all of your needs.

Amisha Jain: Karate Statistics Around the World. These graphs analyze how various countries are impacted by Martial Arts.

Nathan Nambiar: Progression of Agent Pick Rates in Valorant. The change in agent pick rates throughout Valorant history.

Hannah Adams: Per capita CO2 emissions. Shows trends in per capita CO2 emissions by country, which could inform equitable environmental policy.

Katie Zhong: Factors of Success in WEBTOON Originals. Viewer ratings and subscriber counts prove that Romance and Fantasy Originals are the most popular.

Noel Jung: Temperature and Vector Borne Diseases. Do changes in temperature affect the number of cases of West Nile and Lyme disease?

Lucas Cao: Number of Billionaires over Years. The number of billionaires has been increasing rapidly every year since 2000.

Andrew Zhuo: Chess Openings. Analyzing the most commonly used chess openings by 5 top chess Grandmasters.

Austin Zhuang: Adult Mental Health in the USA. The project analyzes of how financial factors affect access to mental health

Suvan Chatakondu: Movies 2021 Analysis. The factors that made movies in 2021 successful and special.

June 2021

Sophia Zhu: BREAKING NEWS: FBI Says They Found ‘Man Child’ In The Woods! An analysis of the length and wording of 2018 fake news articles titles.

Nuo Wen Lei: PAC Influence on US Politics. Trend of foreign donations seems to parallel party representation in US congress.

Kevin Xu: ATP Tour Analysis Over Time. The game of tennis on the ATP Tour has shifted tactically and demographically since its conception.

Stefan Arroyo-Cottier: The Time Hass Come. Avocado consumption and prices in the United States over time.

Osaretin Lawani: An Analysis of the Causes Singapore’s Aging Population. This is an investigation of the relationship between Singapore’s aging population and the nation-state’s declining birth rates

Dhruv Syngol: World Happiness Report Data Analysis and Visualizations. Data from the World Happiness Report over the years reveals interesting trends in a variety of factors, from GDP per Capita to the Freedom to Make Life Choices.

Abhay Paidipalli: The Evolution of Basketball. An analysis of some of the most noticeable trends in the history of basketball.

Marco Tchernychev: 20/21 EPL Data Visualizations. This project examines the correlation between age and goals, as well as nationality and passing.

Max Xu: Covid 19 Around the World. Examining Covid 19 cases and trends among the continents.

Ajay Malik: High School Performance and Future Salary, by College. The more students of a university who were at the top of their high school class, the more salary these students will make.

Shreeram Patkar: Covid-19 Socio-Economic Causal Analysis. Comparing different socio-economic metrics to Covid death and infection rates

Z Schwab: GDP and Wealth Distribution: Not a Uniform Picture. GDP is an inaccurate indicator of quality of life because it doesn’t factor in income inequality.

Andre Arroyo-Cottier: Covid Cases and Vaccination Rates in the US. Graphs that show the effectiveness of vaccinations in the USA.

Daniel Chen: Population and Crime rate in the US. Population and crime rate have no correlation in the US.

Tejas Mundhe: United States Covid-19 Death Toll by State. Are more populated states impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic more than less populated ones?

Matthew Ru: An Analysis of Pro Tennis Players. An arrangement of graphs to show the relationship between height, weight, birth month, and country of origin in the tennis pro-scene.

Ronit Anandani: COVID-19 and its Impact on Sectors of the Stock Market. Visualizing the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on different stock market sectors.

Frank Li: Chance of Automation Replacement of Various Occupations. Exploring the likelihood of a variety of occupations being replaced by machine labor.

Zuhair Usmani: Movie Genres and if Producers are using the same genres. Gathering movie genres and analyzing if producers are using the same genres.

Bryan Li: Covid-19 Effect on Student Mental Health and Behavorial Change. Analyzing the effects of the pandemic on the mental and physical health of students and adults.

Mahima Malhotra: Diabetes Prevalence by State. A comparison of the prevalence of diabetes among adults by state to rates of depression amongst adults with diabetes and mortality rates.

Yuhan Wu: Housing Fluctuation Using Case-Shiller Index. The two key factors that influenced the housing price are income and housing supply; population matters little.

Nabiha Rabbani: Sci-Fi and Techno Orientalism. Measuring interest in science fiction movies over time and comparing that interest to economic success in East Asian countries.

Emmanuel Buabeng: Average Salary Per Department in Chicago. An analysis of spending across government departments in the city of Chicago.

Fahim Ahmed: Investment Analysis of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). What types of ETFs would have made you the most returns if you invested in them last year?

Isaac Frank: Anxiety and the Need for Research. Examining the correlation between pharmaceutical spending and anxiety.

Anmay Gupta: Effect of Various Factors on 3D Print Strength. 3D prints can be strengthened by changing a variety of factors.

Srihith Garlapati: Goverment Department Earnings by Region. This is an investigation of the highest earning departments on average per each state in each region in the US.

Tom Pan: COVID-19 Cases/Vaccinations Analysis. Analyzing cases and vaccination progress in China, Canada, United States, and United Kingdom.

George Pentchev: Course Enrollment in Secondary Schools. Ranking secondary school courses by enrollment and examining the growth of the most popular courses.

Gabriel You: Sinoalice Power vs Cost Analysis. Looking at Sinoalice Weapons and comparing weapon total power to cost to see the correlation between them.

Joseph Jeiwan Kim: Change In Sea Level. An examination of climate changes impact on the global sea level.

Varun Mittal: Impact of Covid On Home Court Advantage in the NFL and NBA. Examining how much home court/field advantage was affected by Covid-19 by measuring the amount of times that home team won and other stats.

Shyam Sai Bethina: Motor Vehicle deaths by Age and Year. Is the message “Don’t drink and Drive” still prevalent in older people?

Oliver Altindag: Liverpool Football Clubs Best Eleven. This is an inquiry into the statistics of Liverpool FC and the best possible Eleven the club could field in future games.

Daniel Wang: Effects of Covid-19 on Student’s Educational Stress. Examination of the stress levels experienced by students before and during Covid-19.

Arghayan Jeiyasarangkan: How The Overall Gold Difference Changes Throughout Professional League of Legends Games. Examining the relationship between gold difference and game duration in professional League of Legends matches.

Kyle Sabo: How Speed Affects Offensive Ability in Baseball. Determining the extent that speed enables players to get more hits.

Felix Cai: Relationship Between GDP per Capita and Percentage of Population with a Confirmed Case of COVID-19. Exploring the relationship between GDP per capita and percentage of population with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Shreya Sree Morishetty: Undergraduate Engineering Enrollment by Demographics. Exploring if the demographics have changed through the years as enrollment in engineering programs have risen

Arjun Velayutham: Earnings vs Inflation. Have the increase in a companies earnings outpaced the inflation margin.

Stephanie Saab: These Boots are made for Shopping. A comparison of men and women’s shoe shopping tendencies shows that women spend more money while men are fond of a sale.

Heather Li: An Overview of Toronto Shelter Data in 2020. Mapping the occupancy percentage of Toronto shelters during 2020.