Final Projects

A total of 43 students have completed the Course. Congratulations! Here are their Final Projects.

June 2021

Sophia Zhu: BREAKING NEWS: FBI Says They Found ‘Man Child’ In The Woods! An analysis of the length and wording of 2018 fake news articles titles.

Nuo Wen Lei: PAC Influence on US Politics. Trend of foreign donations seems to parallel party representation in US congress.

Kevin Xu: ATP Tour Analysis Over Time. The game of tennis on the ATP Tour has shifted tactically and demographically since its conception.

Stefan Arroyo-Cottier: The Time Hass Come. Avocado consumption and prices in the United States over time.

Osaretin Lawani: An Analysis of the Causes Singapore’s Aging Population. This is an investigation of the relationship between Singapore’s aging population and the nation-state’s declining birth rates

Dhruv Syngol: World Happiness Report Data Analysis and Visualizations. Data from the World Happiness Report over the years reveals interesting trends in a variety of factors, from GDP per Capita to the Freedom to Make Life Choices.

Abhay Paidipalli: The Evolution of Basketball. An analysis of some of the most noticeable trends in the history of basketball.

Marco Tchernychev: 20/21 EPL Data Visualizations. This project examines the correlation between age and goals, as well as nationality and passing.

Max Xu: Covid 19 Around the World. Examining Covid 19 cases and trends among the continents.

Ajay Malik: High School Performance and Future Salary, by College. The more students of a university who were at the top of their high school class, the more salary these students will make.

Shreeram Patkar: Covid-19 Socio-Economic Causal Analysis. Comparing different socio-economic metrics to Covid death and infection rates

Z Schwab: GDP and Wealth Distribution: Not a Uniform Picture. GDP is an inaccurate indicator of quality of life because it doesn’t factor in income inequality.

Andre Arroyo-Cottier: Covid Cases and Vaccination Rates in the US. Graphs that show the effectiveness of vaccinations in the USA.

Daniel Chen: Population and Crime rate in the US. Population and crime rate have no correlation in the US.

Tejas Mundhe: United States Covid-19 Death Toll by State. Are more populated states impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic more than less populated ones?

Matthew Ru: An Analysis of Pro Tennis Players. An arrangement of graphs to show the relationship between height, weight, birth month, and country of origin in the tennis pro-scene.

Ronit Anandani: COVID-19 and its Impact on Sectors of the Stock Market. Visualizing the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on different stock market sectors.

Frank Li: Chance of Automation Replacement of Various Occupations. Exploring the likelihood of a variety of occupations being replaced by machine labor.

Zuhair Usmani: Movie Genres and if Producers are using the same genres. Gathering movie genres and analyzing if producers are using the same genres.

Bryan Li: Covid-19 Effect on Student Mental Health and Behavorial Change. Analyzing the effects of the pandemic on the mental and physical health of students and adults.

Mahima Malhotra: Diabetes Prevalence by State. A comparison of the prevalence of diabetes among adults by state to rates of depression amongst adults with diabetes and mortality rates.

Yuhan Wu: Housing Fluctuation Using Case-Shiller Index. The two key factors that influenced the housing price are income and housing supply; population matters little.

Nabiha Rabbani: Sci-Fi and Techno Orientalism. Measuring interest in science fiction movies over time and comparing that interest to economic success in East Asian countries.

Emmanuel Buabeng: Average Salary Per Department in Chicago. An analysis of spending across government departments in the city of Chicago.

Fahim Ahmed: Investment Analysis of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). What types of ETFs would have made you the most returns if you invested in them last year?

Isaac Frank: Anxiety and the Need for Research. Examining the correlation between pharmaceutical spending and anxiety.

Anmay Gupta: Effect of Various Factors on 3D Print Strength. 3D prints can be strengthened by changing a variety of factors.

Srihith Garlapati: Goverment Department Earnings by Region. This is an investigation of the highest earning departments on average per each state in each region in the US.

Tom Pan: COVID-19 Cases/Vaccinations Analysis. Analyzing cases and vaccination progress in China, Canada, United States, and United Kingdom.

George Pentchev: Course Enrollment in Secondary Schools. Ranking secondary school courses by enrollment and examining the growth of the most popular courses.

Gabriel You: Sinoalice Power vs Cost Analysis. Looking at Sinoalice Weapons and comparing weapon total power to cost to see the correlation between them.

Joseph Jeiwan Kim: Change In Sea Level. An examination of climate changes impact on the global sea level.

Varun Mittal: Impact of Covid On Home Court Advantage in the NFL and NBA. Examining how much home court/field advantage was affected by Covid-19 by measuring the amount of times that home team won and other stats.

Shyam Sai Bethina: Motor Vehicle deaths by Age and Year. Is the message “Don’t drink and Drive” still prevalent in older people?

Oliver Altindag: Liverpool Football Clubs Best Eleven. This is an inquiry into the statistics of Liverpool FC and the best possible Eleven the club could field in future games.

Daniel Wang: Effects of Covid-19 on Student’s Educational Stress. Examination of the stress levels experienced by students before and during Covid-19.

Arghayan Jeiyasarangkan: How The Overall Gold Difference Changes Throughout Professional League of Legends Games. Examining the relationship between gold difference and game duration in professional League of Legends matches.

Kyle Sabo: How Speed Affects Offensive Ability in Baseball. Determining the extent that speed enables players to get more hits.

Felix Cai: Relationship Between GDP per Capita and Percentage of Population with a Confirmed Case of COVID-19. Exploring the relationship between GDP per capita and percentage of population with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Shreya Sree Morishetty: Undergraduate Engineering Enrollment by Demographics. Exploring if the demographics have changed through the years as enrollment in engineering programs have risen

Arjun Velayutham: Earnings vs Inflation. Have the increase in a companies earnings outpaced the inflation margin.

Stephanie Saab: These Boots are made for Shopping. A comparison of men and women’s shoe shopping tendencies shows that women spend more money while men are fond of a sale.

Heather Li: An Overview of Toronto Shelter Data in 2020. Mapping the occupancy percentage of Toronto shelters during 2020.