Two key resources: Preceptor’s Primer for Bayesian Data Science and its associated tutorials. Assignments associated with a specific lecture must be completed before that lecture.

Completed tutorials are sent to with your name and the name of the tutorial (like “Sarah Jones; Getting Started”) in the subject line.

Week 1: Visualization

Looking at the data is the first step in data science.

Week 2: Wrangling

Now that we know how to visualize data that is already clean, we need to learn how to clean up data which might come to us quite messy.

Week 3: Data

Now that we know how to clean and organize messy data, we need to learn how to get some.

Week 4: Projects

The last week will consist of projects that the students will make. Do you love soccer or wine or NYC politics? The final project provides you with an opportunity to study that topic in depth. Your final project will be, for most of you, the first item in your professional portfolio, something so impressive that you will be eager to show it to graduate schools or potential employers. Further requirements and guidelines will be provided before the students begin their work.